Thursday :: Jan 19, 2006

California Republicans

by Mary

Laura Rozen continues to bird-dog the Cunningham bribing scandal and calls our attention to this USA Today article that shines a very bright light on the activities of Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA).

Shorter form: Rep. Lewis was against funding a defense project, before he was for it. What did that lucrative fundraiser have to do with his switch?

Also, isn't it interesting that a number of the Republicans in trouble with bribery and corruption are Californian Republicans? After all, this is the state were in the 1990's the Republican Party tried to commit hari-kari by waging war on the undocumented immigrants (in a state that has a significant Latin American population). And a party where they put up an actor for Governor only to see the popularity of the Governor drop as he tried to rule the state like a mini-Bush who believed that he could bully people into doing his bidding. And let's not forget Pombo, the guy who is gunning to destroy the Endangered Species Act.

How many California Republican Representatives will be caught by the bribery and extortion crimes?

How does the California State Republican Party recover from this scandal?

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