Friday :: Jan 20, 2006

Al Looked Good

by paradox

It was very nice to see Al Gore looking so good with his speech Tuesday morning—trim, excellent complexion, superlative speaking skills and enunciation. Not only could I not help contrasting this with the bumbling, embarrassing Bush when trying he tries to speak, but their physical differences were manifest too, for as Digby has noted, Bush looks like shit: pasty, blotchily made up for the camera, and a remarkable tendency to show up with bashes and gashes on his face.

Back in the day when Bush was just a Texas pipsqueak the powers that be in the Republican party gleefully put forth the scenario of Clinton the adulterer being replaced by yet another Bush—that would show them what happens when Democrats take the rightful Republican presidency from the nation, the son taking it back in poetic justice.

Well, I can easily imagine a scenario where a tanned, healthy, fit intelligent Gore comes into the White House in 2009 on inauguration day to be photographed next to a busted, broken Bush; good lord, what are three more years of antidepressants, booze and the horror of it all going to do him when he looks terrible now?

Yeah, I can see that scenario motivating the troops. My my, how things can so quickly change—it was only 2-3 years ago that everyone in the party was telling Al not to run ‘cause they were still sick of his bumbling, the next campaign needed fresh faces.

This after 2 years of unending scorn after having the election stolen from him. As if this weren’t one of the greatest injustices a man could ever experience in life, why, almost everyone in his party hated him for—hello?—winning the election. It is a great, great testament to the perniciousness of our national media that somehow Gore was left to be blamed for losing the election while ignoring the theft of the Supremes in the national narrative of that time.

I have always admired and liked Al Gore, and since the theft of 2000 I suppose I have attached an irrational regard to him, a hero of Democracy—I challenge anyone to demonstrate that Gore has not acted with incredible grace and dignity for the injustices inflicted upon him—stripped of his rightful place, only to be left in a lonely, isolated spot. I have often wondered if he was all right, but then he’d show up with another speech just as good as Tuesday’s and I’d be reassured. Tipper, too, is still there; she will not let Al stray into some wilderness, thank God.

There are many, many times when I truly wonder if the “political activity” I have engaged in (giving money, banging away on keyboards, demonstrating) of the last five years has done any damn good for me or the country. It sure as hell hasn’t gotten Democrats elected. Anyway, there is one instance when I am absolutely sure I did a good thing that I will always remember warmly.

I met Al Gore in a book line in San Francisco. After blurting out that I’d brought my contact information for the 2004 campaign (they took it graciously), I looked him straight in the eye and firmly said “I’m itching for a fight.”

Al Gore’s eyes sparkled and he turned to his entourage with a wry, amused grin as I moved on. I couldn’t say a word to Tipper.

After what Al did Tuesday I’m going to write to my reps to demand a special prosecutor, totally independent from the felons in the executive branch, to investigate what Bush did in spying on my brothers and sisters in this country. This is a very big deal—I like writing to Honda and Boxer, but writing to Feinstein takes enormous energy in being civil and productive. Only for Al will I write to Dianne, oy.

Yeah, Mr. Gore, as far as you’re concerned I’m always itching for a fight. Run again in 2008 and I will be there so quick, you can count on that. Thanks—again—for Tuesday. Things are changing and you can lead this party to victory again.

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