Friday :: Jan 20, 2006

Keeping It (sort of ) Fresh

by Marie

(A few updates to previous pieces.)

Rock-On South of the Border

More Freedom and Socialism on the March in South America with the election of Michelle Bachelet as President.

This isn’t merely the continuation of the existing Chilean Socialist government, Bachelet is an agnostic, divorced single mother and pediatrician in a traditionally male dominated and Catholic country. (And a torture victim of the Pinochet coup.) She’s charismatic and won among both men and women. She handily beat an attractive “moderate” -- possibly what we would call a Democrat in the US.

How pathetic is it that a self-made woman can achieve the highest political office in Chile (and let’s not overlook Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in Liberia) and in that bastion of freedom and democracy, a woman hasn’t even been elected Vice-President? That it is considered legitimate to debate whether the US is ready for a woman President? And if it is, only a very conservative woman would be acceptable? That the only names on anyone’s lips are Hillary and Condeleeza? (Being the “wife” of a POTUS is not exactly my idea of making one’s own way in politics. Or that both will say or do anything to protect “their man.” Not to mention that both are charisma challenged.) It’s enough to make a liberal American woman cry. (Or consider emigrating to Chile.)

Stern Still At Work

The Change to Win Federation just got a bit stronger last week with the addition of the UFW after their resignation from the AFL-CIO. I think that Caeser Chavez would approve.

Roberts’ Rules of Law

The leopard’s spots begin to appear. No surprise that he joined Thomas and Scalia in holding that State’s Rights do not extend to regulating physicians. Or that it is not Judicial Activism to read something into a federal statute that is not implied in it nor ever intended to be implied in it by Congress.

Yes, let’s ignore that medical licenses are issued by states and not the federal government. That states have always been the prevailing authority on what constitutes the legally permissible practice of medicine within the state. Where was Robert’s intellectual and legal integrity when he not only found something non-existent in a federal statute but also used it to reach down into what has always been a right reserved to the states?

Don’t expect Roberts ever to meet a state or individual right that he will rule in favor of if it conflicts with his patriarchal and corporate worldview unless it is so clearly articulated in the Constitution that only Thomas can’t see it. Don’t expect him to be honest about it either. He’ll always find some narrow, crimped or convoluted way to reach his pre-determined decision. Just Alito’s cup of tea -- the help Roberts is surely looking forward to getting.

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