Saturday :: Jan 21, 2006

Rove’s Strategy is Out, What’s Ours?

by paradox

I’m in a bleak, weary mood laced with caffeine, but nonetheless I will press ahead in some self-absorbed quest of futility: I want to know how the Democrats are going to win Congress in 2006. Yes, both the House and Senate.

Karl Rove, the someday-in-this-century-to-be-indicted felon, is on the front page of Washington Post this morning describing how the Republicans are going to clean our clock in 2006 after Iraq, Katrina, Abramoff, Medicare D, oil prices, and Osama still loose.

One should have a good laugh, but I am instantly taken back to that appalling Cook report that Kos posted a few weeks ago. Reeking of utter conventional wisdom, Cook proclaimed Congress lost to the Democrats until at least 2008, there were only 20 “competitive” House seats and little chance of taking back the Senate.

Please excuse me, it truly does piss me off. How is it that proclaiming failure nine months into the future is anything but a perfect way to in fact lose?

A lot can happen in nine months, but if we don’t seize the chance with everything we have now in the gleeful knowledge we’ll win we’ll lose again. This is the most basic shit in football, politics and military matters, never decide you’re going to lose before you go out there, God, why is it necessary to write this stuff?

I’m glad Cook has a way to define “competitiveness” in a rational way that gives us another loss. Good for him. As Democrats, though, we can define what’s competitive, not the analysts who have magical mystical powers to know the future.

Oh yes, in another time and place the national party could descend on the CA 11th district where the gerrymander always makes the party, stupidly, write it off. The incredibly noxious incumbent Republican Pombo has direct ties to Abramoff money and is virulently hated by every environmentalist in the country, but you’re telling me we won’t seriously compete there? Good God.

We should know we always compete like hell everywhere, and virulent Republicans like Pombo should get very special attention tied to so much scandal. There’s another competitive seat right there. We can have 250 competitive races if we decide to, it’s up to the party, not some guy named Cook, believe me.

But apparently this losing Land of Oz thinking prevails among our somnolent, sheepish party leaders. I could have used much worse words than that, I tell you, I really am very angry. Since there seems to be absolutely no plans to win Congress in 2006, Congressional leaders, why don’t y’all start by telling us how you’re going to do it. You can do it, it is possible, trust me.

It’s a very good start, I think. The blogosphere deserves an answer. I am very heartened to see a star Democrat beat up on tweety, it’s very gratifying, but I’d much rather hear how we’re going to win in 2006. It helps and is appreciated, yes, but it’s not the same as telling us you know Democrats are going to win because we’re running on….

What was that? We’re going to win in 2006 with the sounds of silence? Simon’n Garfunkel, Jesus Christ and General fucking Jackson, it does blow the mind, please pardon the profanity and the ranting.

Out here in the blogs tens of thousands have toiled for years just for the love of country. The blogosphere has raised incredible amounts of cash and very good activism—damn it, the people of the party deserve to know the broad strategy to winning in 2006. If it’s clearly articulated on how we’re going to beat Rove on national security, Iraq and taxes then in fact it’s much more likely to happen. I don’t think Hillary is a good choice for this task, no.

Or we can all watch the Democrats, incredibly, not take back Congress in 2006. John Kerry shows up at Kos’s place to beat up tweety, great—you’re always more than welcome to come back and tell us how we’re going to win in 2006, John.

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