Saturday :: Jan 21, 2006

Difference In Media Coverage Of Lewinsky And NSA Spying

by Steve

You owe it to yourself to read Jamison Foser's great piece over at MediaMattersforAmerica on the difference between the media's coverage of the Lewinsky revelations, and its lack of similar emphasis in covering the NSA spying case. To the Beltway media and pundits, blowjobs in the Oval Office are far more important and worthy of scarce corporate-controlled resources than a story that cuts to the heart of the Bill of Rights and the U. S. Constitution. We have all suspected that the media had a double standard and was treating Clinton and Bush differently, either because of intimidation or because of outright corporate bias, or both, but the story by Foser shows the disparity quite well.

One story downthread in Foser's summary that I had not heard that makes me think is the news that Grover Norquist of all people sides with Bob Barr on the NSA spying matter, in believing that the administration may have gone too far here. It made me wonder how it would have been possible for Norquist, who has inserted himself at the intersection of influence, money, and policy by pulling the levers of the K Street Project with Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay all these years, could act now like he is shocked about the NSA domestic spying and agree that the Bush Administration may have gone too far.

And then it hit me: Grover is scared about what the Bush Administration has gathered on him, and how quickly Bush and Cheney would toss him overboard to the Justice Department investigators with some of that "evidence" to separate the administration from Congress if necessary. You see, I have no doubt that people like Dick Cheney have no qualms about using saps like Grover Norquist to gather the strings of power for them, to allow them to make a lot of money from doing so, and let them stay out in front taking credit for the GOP one-party control of Washington while Dick gets what he wants, which is the gradual establishment of an imperial, unitary executive branch that would be above the law and Congressional oversight in a time of presidentially-determined war.

Norquist is viewed only as a foot soldier to Cheney, who can be tossed aside as a used-up tool when necessary. And perhaps Norquist is just now figuring this out, and himself knows what the Bush Administration would have on him if the NSA has been building a file on all of his overseas business relationships that run contrary to our national interests.

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