Monday :: Jan 23, 2006

Reaching Critical Mass With The Bootlicking Media

by Steve

For those of us who want a blog just to beat up on bootlickers like Tweety Matthews and Timmeh, and where you can post comments and flame members of the Washington Post, your wish has been answered. And there is evidence that both Tweety and Timmeh, as well as the Post is feeling the heat from center-left bloggers and readers.

Here is the blog aimed at Tweety, with numerous examples of his bootlicking for the White House.

Here is the blog aimed at Timmeh.

And thanks to a tip from Jane Hamsher at FireDogLake, there is now an “Open Letter To The Washington Post” blog to focus accountability at them. It was put together by Matt Stoller, and will be run by Taylor Marsh.

After years of watching the right wing "work the refs" to a point that major newspapers and media types now have a default that every scandal is bipartisan rather than simply the latest example of GOP illegality, graft, and corruption, and seeing numerous examples of "journalists" and media figure abdicating responsibility to be evenhanded and factual, the center-left has recently gone on the warpath over several outlandish transgressions by the Post and the bootlicking Russert and Tweety. It is about time, and what we are witnessing now is critical mass having been reached.

It is long past time for us to deluge the likes of these bootlickers with all the scorn, flame, and fury they deserve.

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