Tuesday :: Jan 24, 2006

Two More Of Karl's Bitches On Capitol Hill

by Steve

Like enabling wives who have been abused over and over again, and keep coming back for more, only to wonder why they still get more abuse, the Senate got slapped around by the Bush Administration twice today. And knowing this Senate, they will come back for more abuse again.

First, after helping out the Administration on Samuel Alito, Arlen Specter got the "sorry, we’re too busy for your committee" routine today, when a Bush Administration official walked out of a hearing by Specter’s committee on the West Virginia mine disaster, saying they had something else to do. Specter was left to think aloud when was the last time that an administration, especially one of his own party, stiffed a committee chairman and left a hearing.

Then later today, the Bush Administration told Congress to stick it in its ear on its demand for Katrina-related documents and emails. After waiting months for the White House to comply with requests for documents that Bush said would be provided, the Senate was told late today to forget it. And which senator was left with a "Kick Me" sign on his back? Why, that would be our own "Everything is fine in Iraq" Joe Lieberman, who is now threatening to subpoena the White House for the documents.

Joe, Joe, Joe: the White House isn’t afraid of you. They already have your balls in their pockets and know you will cave on cue. Welcome to the Capitol Hill Abuse Victims Society, you sap.

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