Wednesday :: Jan 25, 2006

Bush Tries To Re-Name His Way Out Of NSA Spying Trouble

by Steve

In typical Bush Administration fashion, when the news or framing doesn’t meet your needs, you simply try and change the framing and labeling into Luntz-speak. Our latest example is the White House’s renaming of its NSA domestic spying program, which is an accurate description since 1) the NSA is 2) spying on Americans here at home. But thanks to the White House, the illegal spying upon American citizens is now being called the “terrorist surveillance program,” which I’m sure pleases the Quakers, the anti-war protesters, and the animal rights activists who have all been subject to NSA spying since Bush became president without winning election in 2000.

Perhaps he'll now rename "worst.president.ever" to "mandate for ineptitude."

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