Thursday :: Jan 26, 2006

Robert Byrd And Tim Johnson Will Vote For Alito - Kerry/Kennedy Push For Filibuster

by Steve

Two more Democrats will now vote for Alito. After a wealthy GOP businessman jumped into a race for his seat this year, Bob Byrd said today he'll vote for Alito. And South Dakota's Tim Johnson, who isn't facing a race of his own until 2008, and following the same flawed "kick me again W" political instincts of Tom Daschle, said that although he is concerned about Alito's views, those concerns don't rise to the level of voting against him for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. Why? Because Johnson doesn't feel that Alito's views are significantly outside of the mainstream.

And you'll love the reason that Mary Landrieu gives for not supporting a filibuster: the Senate is too busy for the distraction of a filibuster.

Swell. Well, there won't be a filibuster folks, and when Alito starts the demolition ball onto individual rights, checks and balances, and the separation of powers, just remember what these three Democrats and the entire GOP caucus said about their priorities.

Update: Both John Kerry and Ted Kennedy will force the issue by calling for a filibuster.

Hell, there are even indications that Lieberman would support a filibuster. Both Kerry and Kennedy can count, and even though there are now three Democrats in favor of Alito, there are also at least three or perhaps four Republicans (Collins, Snowe, Chafee) who are not clearly supportive. Democrats would need 40 to maintain a filibuster until Frist drops the bomb and we get to see the GOP for what they really are and want.

Update #2: As Frist sets a vote for Monday, Reid signals that he is not interested in delaying the vote and seemingly wants to move on.

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