Saturday :: Jan 28, 2006

Open Thread

by Mary

Here's a thread to start the weekend.

Update: here's something I've been thinking about: what would be considered an impeachable offense for a Supreme Court justice? I look at Alito and what seems to me the most critical charges against him are that he has proven to be a liar in regards to whether he would recuse himself in cases where he has a personal interest (and certainly if you lie on a job application in the private sector you can be fired) and he has promised Senators like Bob Byrd that he would not rule in favor of giving too much power to the President in order to get on the court("Judge Alito told me that he respected the separation of powers and would not rule in support of a power-hungry President. I liked that answer, and I liked Judge Alito. He struck me as a man of his word, and I intend to vote for him.")

If when Alito is on the court and he does vote that Bush is above the law (which I greatly fear) then the second offense would clearly be something that would betray the Constitution and in my opinion would be treason is the most formal sense of the word.

So my question is: when we have rid ourselves of the right-wing radicals with their corrupt system in Washingon, can we bring impeachment charges against Alito if he proves to have lied to the Senate in order to get on the court?

In other words, is our Constitution self-correcting enough to undo the massive damage inflicted by the cabal in power?

Here's one take on that topic from a Conservative point of view.

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