Sunday :: Jan 29, 2006

War In Iraq: Just for Us Democrats

by paradox

There will never be an agreed set of reasons for why the United States went to war in Iraq, but at this point in 2006 the list can be reasonably drawn up like this:

  • War carried the opportunity to amend the failure of the first Gulf War by taking Hussein personally down.
  • These was a massive opportunity for crony payoff in the “rebuilding” phase and the ensuing need for oil services.
  • There would be enormous geopolitical advantages by having a puppet regime installed in the Middle East.
  • War allows for any wanted power of the President.
  • Criticism of the administration could be cloaked as criticism of the country itself when troops were at risk in the field.
  • Proposed war was and is an incredibly powerful political wedge against the Democrats.
  • War allows leadership to acclaim great activity and “accomplishment” in “protecting” Americans.
  • A few evil and dangerous people would be eliminated; empirical knowledge of wmd’s was absent, but they had to be there.
  • War breaks up the ordinary pace of life; some even describe it as “fun;” leaders engage in flatulent praise that these are “unique, historic” times.

By January 2006 of course we can see how most of this went down in total flames: taking down Hussein didn’t mean much when the President becomes a felon doing it; only half the crony payoff will arrive since oil services will never happen; the fantasy friendly government is instead a growing conflagration of civil war; instead of steady moral and legal leadership the United States is spit upon as a dangerous pariah; the singular act of risking troops for “threats” that were not known to exist makes Bush one of the most disgusting and dangerous presidents of our history.

But the wedge against Democrats, now, that worked out very well indeed. To this day we have one of the country’s most beloved columnists barbequing Hillary Clinton over it. Kerry was emasculated with it. Even Murtha could not get immediate support from Pelosi when he finally faced reality.

So the war by 2006 is a total failure that kills our troops, costs billions up billions every month, humiliates Bush and the administration on a daily basis and presents very serious risks to the interests of the Unites States on multiple fronts, yet the war goes on. Why?

Because at this stage of the game the war is all for us, Democratic brothers and sisters. Everything else has gone to hell, but the weapons the war gives Bush over Democrats are just too potent to put down.

The exceptional blogger Mark Schmitt confirmed this January 5th when he noted that Bush wanted the NSA scandal dragged well into next year, for it gave Bush the perfect club to beat the Democrats with in 2006. Paul Krugman confirmed it another way last week when he noted success in Iraq can never arrive without electricity, yet that effort has totally failed, the administration knows it, but they deliberately will do nothing about it.

Bush is cementing our loss, in other words, yet the war drags on. I am certain that Duncan Black is correct to some degree: Bush is manifestly too infantile and stubborn to ever be tagged with retreat, he won’t blink any eye if 100,000 of our troops are killed in the next three years just so he won’t get tagged with bugging out on his watch.

That’s certainly part of it, yes. But at this stage of the total debacle the only other rational reason to stay in Iraq is to smash Democrats with perfect wedge potential.

As we are on the eve of another humiliating capitulation to Bush this is what I want our Senators to know most of all: after three years of horrifying war crime failure that has made us a pariah on the globe and even sacrifices our troops, Bush will keep happily on just to defeat you. Oh yes, Bush will sacrifice tradition, honor, ethics, the treasury, the interests of the country, even the lives of our people just…for…you. How is that not obvious?

Yet tomorrow Alito—surely as rabid a freak that stole the job for George in the first place—will ascend and on Tuesday the corporate media will crow over Bush’s powers and the corpse of our party.

This is one way how republics are lost: self-inflicted implosion by opposition party failure. That risk is very real, and grows all the more greater every time Democrats remain oblivious to it and enable Bush.

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