Monday :: Jan 30, 2006

Despite Media Cheerleading, Bush's Numbers Aren't Rebounding

by Steve

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Going into his SOTU tomorrow night, and despite the best efforts of the bootlicking media to pump up his recent poll numbers as some sort of rebound, almost all of the polls show Bush’s approval ratings leveling and in some cases falling back down again. The ABC News/Washington Post poll, which the Post seems intent on burying, shows that Bush is back at 42%, with 56% disapproving of his performance, giving up all of his recent gains and returning to levels seen last September. It’s so bad now that Tweety has to say with a straight face that the NSA spying mess is a winner for Bush politically. Yet as the Post poll shows, Bush’s numbers have now gone down since the NSA revelation in December.

Quite simply, if he doesn’t get a sustainable bump of at least 4-6 points from tomorrow night’s speech, he heads into the fall campaign in bad shape, as members of his own party will then worry more about getting reelected than toeing the party line from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And since the man will say nothing of consequence on Iraq, the deficit, energy conservation and independence, ethics, and health coverage for the uninsured, there is little chance that Bush will get that bump. He's has boxed himself in, and he has no real solutions after being in charge for five years and running as Johnny One-Note.

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