Monday :: Jan 30, 2006

NBC News/WSJ Poll: Bush Stuck At 39% - Public Wants Congress, Not Bush, To Take Lead

by Steve

I keep hearing from the pundits like Tweety and Timmeh that the NSA spying mess helps Bush, and yet the polls don't show that. There’s another poll out tonight that shows Bush getting no gain over the NSA spying mess, and that the public would rather not follow Bush’s direction in solving the country’s problems. This time, it’s the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, which shows that after three weeks of steady White House and RNC pushback on the NSA spying mess, Bush’s job approval rating hasn’t gone up at all, and is still stuck at 39%, with 54% disapproving. And even though the public is dissatisfied with Congress, they still would rather have Congress in the driver’s seat setting the policies in the country rather than Bush, by a rather large 49% to 25% margin.

How pathetic a leader are you if you lose out to Congress on that question? And if you are heading into your sixth year in office and the public wants a low-confidence outfit like this Congress in charge, what does that say about the public's willingness to listen to anything Skippy has to say the next three years?

And what would respondents want the country to accomplish in the next year? The top choice, of 35% of those polled, was to get most of our troops out of Iraq by the end of 2006, with 66% wanting the number of troops reduced no matter what. There’s a ringing endorsement for you of Bush’s "stay the course" message. Let’s see how that plays out tomorrow night.

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