Tuesday :: Jan 31, 2006

Secrets and Lies - Part I

by Marie

Why did GWB go off script in April 2004 to point out that roving wire-taps require a warrant? That the Patriot Act didn’t change that? That Americans can be assured that nothing has changed?
This seems to perplex observers from the left. There’s nothing mysterious about it. The short answer is that GWB is a dumb-shit show-off . The longer answer isn’t all that interesting and requires a few small leaps of imagination.

As I previously pointed , GWB isn’t very bright. He isn’t even smart enough to know just how dull he is -- been led to believe that gentleman’s “C’s” for a legacy student makes him above average. He gets very prickly whenever anyone suggests that he’s dull as he did in the debate with Kerry when he said, “I know that Osama bin Laden was behind 9/11.” His inability to accept any criticism from anybody is another indicator that he has an inflated self-image. A self-image that he’s managed to avoid having challenged by accepting that he lacks intellectual curiosity; it’s merely lack of interest in details and not intelligence that explains why he wouldn’t know something that others think he should know. “Intellectual curiosity” is a component of intelligence -- not some sort of personality characteristic. Why the MSM didn’t get this is beyond me.

To get GWB to the WH and keep him there without the public recognizing that he sort of dumb was not an easy task. When GWB says, “It’s hard work,” he was telling the truth. It is hard work to train somenoe without intellectual gifts and limited motivation to learn anything new. Thus, his handlers have no option but to drill him. Force him to memorize scripts, sound-bites and lines. He also told us this when he said, “In my line of work, you gotta keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in.” Rote memorization is the weakest form of learning except for those with photographic memories. In those drills for Bush, his trainers build in lots of cues to help him recall the right script. It’s easy to see when Bush doesn’t get the right cues, something interferes with the cues or he is distracted and loses his place in the script. He becomes completely lost and only recovers and gets back on-script with great difficulty. He makes frequent use of clowning as a cover-up for when he’s lost and can’t recover.

Those of us that aren’t skilled public speakers get easily rattled on stage. We’re told to imagine the audience is naked to calm our nerves. It looks as if GWB is told to imagine that he’s speaking to a group of six year olds. That would explain one of the elements of the speaking style that he’s developed. When he talks more slowly, scrunches in to the lectern and patronizes the audience. Oddly, he’s managed to pull this off for years without audience members expressing that he has insulted them. These are ego-stroke moments for Bush -- when he’s demonstrating his superior intelligence and knowledge gets to play the teacher. The audio of his wire-tap comment has that same patronizing and self-satisfaction quality.

Unlike many on the left, I don’t think Bush is kept completely in the dark by his inner circle. They don’t tell him everything. He doesn’t want to know much. However, he would insist on knowing about all the cloak and dagger stuff and plans to stick it to or “to get” a liberals or Democrats because he’s emotionally an adolescent and a bully -- he and Rove bonded on stuff like this. His staff would also insist on informing him when the proposed WH policy is illegal or of questionable legality if it doesn’t naturally pique his curiosity for secret things. Why would they do this? Because they know Bush -- if he’s not in on it, and it gets exposed, they will be reduced to “Ken who?” “Jack who?” -- “I don’t really know him.“ They’ll skip as many of the details as they can, but they don’t want to risk having all the criminal liability if Bush, like Reagan, resorts to claiming that he hadn’t been informed about what he’d authorized. It’s insurance that Bush won’t toss them overboard at the beginning of a storm -- that they will hang together and attempt to weather it.

What is interesting to me about this domestic spy story is that it’s seemed to escape everybody that Condi was the NSA Director. Before it began and for years while it was being executed. She was also his morning work-out buddy. A good time to drill him on facts. Like FISA and how we follow the law -- wink, wink. They must have had so much fun together.
Did something happen in the spring of 2004 that caused Bush to go off script and demonstrate that he knew about FISA? Was it a Freudian slip? Was he just trying to show off -- that he wasn’t a dummy and knew a thing or two? Whatever prompted it, others in on it could not have been pleased when they heard what he’d said. If it hadn’t leaked out, Bush’s statement was incongruous enough to raise red flags for someone that could have started digging on the story. If the WH was in the process of killing the story, Bush wasn’t supposed to say anything. Perhaps, Bush disagreed with his handlers and/or wanted to show them that he knew thing or two about heading off a story. Definitely dumber than Clinton who had the good sense to wait until the Monica story broke before he tried to lie his way out of it. Bush said what he said in April 2004 because he’s a dumb-shit show-off and liar.

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