Wednesday :: Feb 1, 2006

Getting Off The Bus

by pessimist

We didn't cover the passing of Coretta Scott King yesterday due to all the attention directed toward the SOTU speech, but I found it ironic that she left this mortal coil prior to the swearing-in of Samuel Alito.

I am not aware of a single progressive who isn't sure that Alito is the key to continued Bu$hCo predations upon the Constitution. You know, the little things like equal rights and voting rights that were of such interest to the Widow King's late husband.

(Just an aside, but did anyone notice that every time Dr. King was mentioned, no one reminded us that his death was due to assassination?)

In the course of pursuing these rights, it was necessary to confront the hatred represented by the person of Bull Connor's police as Congressman John Conyers remembers:

[T]here were so many threats and challenges to the revolutionary idea that we would start a civil rights movement in the South itself.

Civil rights. Revolutionary.

Considering that Cindy Sheehan was arrested for expressing her free speech rights, even though she was the guest of CA Rep. Lynn Woolsey has to tell you something!

FAUX 'News' reports that there is a "new provision tucked into the Patriot Act bill now before Congress - sponsored by Arlen Spector - that would allow authorities to haul demonstrators at any 'special event of national significance' away to jail on felony charges if they are caught breaching a security perimeter.

This is defined as "a restricted area at an event, even if the president or other official normally protected by the Secret Service isn't in attendance at the time."

Can you not already hear 'Justice' Alito's opinion on this travesty of the law being applied to any area outside of a 'first amendment zone'? As that David Kopel, a constitutional expert with the Marxist-Leninist Cato Institute, says, "You are talking about giving the executive branch broader authority to create these exclusion zones which could cover broad areas and last for days [during an event ],"

But the Bu$hCo drones plod on the scene to defend Der Kriegsfuhrer. Rocco DiPippo, a freelance writer for the conservative and editor of The Autonomist Web log, protests that "I can understand the concern that we should be suspicious of government, but we shouldn't adopt this mindset: 'government is evil.' This is just more hatred of (President) Bush."

If this wasn't such a serious issue, I'd be ROFLMAO over such a lame defense coming from a member of a group whose rise to prominence in the GOP was due to promoting the idea that 'government is evil' and hating Democratic presidents!

But I digress.

Such a law could be 'interpreted' to cover issues of 'national security' by loyal Bu$hco minions like Alberto Gonzales, thus allowing it to be applied to a little-covered protest against the US torture-training school at Ft. Benning GA, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the Army's School of the Americas.

Isn't it important to be able to train those foreign nationals who are tasked with performing the torture that King George swears he won't allow Americans to perform? They have to do it RIGHT, after all! We can't have all those poor people who oppose Bu$hCo rising up and taking over, now can we?

It's a dirty job keeping the N-words down, but some fascist bastard has to do it!

Whether deliberate or subconscious, GOP wealthy white supremacy is the result and apparent goal of those who still support King George and actually benefit materially from his mal-guided policies. The sort of things taught at the The School of Fascist America can also be applied domestically!

I don't believe that they have - yet - but I expect that we will be seeing and hearing more about the experiences of Katrina evacuees as they are dispersed around the nation to inhibit their return to 'Chocolate City' and rebuilding the Blue majority in a Confederate Red State. Can't wave the Stars and Bars if the slaves are gettin' uppity!

As freedoms slip away, and rights are wronged, all of the work that the Kings did to promote equality and justice for all in this nation is increasingly proving to have been in vain. Maybe it's for the best that Coretta Scott King departed before a return to 'separate but equal' and Jim Crow could become a reality with the seating of 'Justice' Alito as a Supreme Court Jester - even if it was only just the span of a few hours.

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