Thursday :: Feb 2, 2006

Thursday Morning Quick Hits

by Steve

Note that all 3 of these threats should have been dealt with right after Afghanistan, but were sacrificed for the war drive into Iraq.

We lost five more soldiers in Iraq today. Notice how the MSNBC headline editor hides that from the headline.

At a hearing that is going on now, the Senate Intelligence Committee is hearing from John Negroponte and his deputy Michael Hayden, who was head of the NSA up until last year. The hearing was supposed to be a routine opportunity for our national intelligence czar and his deputy to brief the Senate on current threats, and Negroponte did that by confirming what many already knew, which is that Iran does not have a nuclear weapon. In fact, despite Cheney and Bolton’s best efforts to scare up another war in a midterm election year, Iran is years away from a weapon, and only has the drawings on how to make one because Bush’s best friend in the war on terror Pervez Musharraf and A. Q. Khan gave them the drawings. But it isn’t the Iran update that will get news today. According to Newsweek, Intelligence Committee Democrats plan to use today’s hearing to begin questioning Negroponte and Hayden on the NSA spying mess, and Hayden’s apparent lies to Congress back in 2002. This will come on the heels of the White House telling Arlen Specter to go to hell about documents he wants in advance of the hearings that were set for next week in front of his Senate Judiciary Committee on the legal opinions that the Abu Gonzales Justice Department gave the White House to justify Bush going around FISA. Let’s see if Bush ass-kisser Pat Roberts tries to shut down any attempts by Democrats today to use this hearing to dig into the NSA mess.

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