Thursday :: Feb 2, 2006

With Medicaid Cuts In Hand, Bush Now Wants Another $70 Billion $120 Billion for Iraq and Afghanistan

by Steve

Priorities, priorities....

A day after he got the GOP congress to cut Medicaid, student loans, child support enforcement, welfare and other programs for the needy by $39 billion over the coming years, Bush tells Congress that he needs another $70 billion for Afghanistan and Iraq for just next year.

If we're going to finance a war of choice (Iraq) on the backs of the needy here at home, maybe the Democrats should spend the rest of the year demanding that the $70 billion be paid for by eliminating corporate welfare and tax subsidies and breaks. This would be a clear way for voters to see a difference between the parties, and make Bush and the GOP defend why maintaining corporate welfare and tax subsidies is more necessary to the country than maintaining the country's safety net.

While they are at it, Democrats could also demand that the tax cut for the top one percent not be extended, and that the middle class get a reinstated consumer credit interest write-off added back to the tax code, and make Bush and the GOP defend why those are bad ideas.

Update: It gets worse; Bush will actually ask for another $120 billion, raising the total so far for Iraq and Afghanistan to $450 billion.

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