Friday :: Feb 3, 2006

Rumsfeld: Shut Up About the Enemy Already

by paradox

"The enemy — while weakened and under great pressure — is still capable of global reach, still possesses the determination to kill more Americans and is still trying to do so with increasingly powerful weapons."

What am I supposed to be, scared? Really, I want to know. This ridiculous statement is apparently the entire rationale for a $70 billion appropriation request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, just for next year alone.

Last I heard bacteria and viruses had a global reach. I’m more likely to be killed by e coli in a hamburger than getting chopped by some terrorist—hell, I should be terrified to drive my car every day, the freaking thing is so dangerous. Enemy? Where? You’re telling me that after a civil, two world’s and a cold war we’re threatened by pipsqueeks who don’t even have a country? There are 300 million Americans totally committed to our way of life—we are not threatened. I am not scared.

Know what would impress me, Rumsfeld? How you’re going to pay for all this insanely expensive bloody war; the total now is a lovely $450 billion for no wins anywhere. Not only is it a massive ripoff, we’re borrowing to get screwed!

Last I heard the US, incredibly, is technically in default, for the debt ceiling hasn’t been raised. This news seems to have been accepted with a yawn, but I am outraged; it’s as if someone said I shouldn’t be concerned that “technically” I’m not a citizen anymore. The mighty United States, champion of capitalism and allegedly the richest country in the world, in default? For God’s sake, fix it!

I filed my taxes for 2005 with my accountant yesterday. I am expected to pay perfectly in a baffling system I could never figure out myself, and if I mess it up the penalties will be severe. I am granted credit in this world, yes, but nothing anywhere close to the fantasy of endless borrowing our federal officials get to play with.

Believe you me, if I were to “technically” go into default with my family’s finances I would very quickly get nailed to the wall and pay severe consequences in many areas of my life. It’s just outrageous that chumps like Rumsfeld crush my daughter’s future because they can't be responsible with money.

I apologize to the reader that I don’t have it in me to dictate obvious policy solutions to these blundering borrowers we call leaders this morning. I simply want it on the record that I am held to very high standards of honesty and accountability every day and it monumentally pisses me off that liars like Rumsfeld get to take a total walk on reality and borrow our money with no accountability at all.

Was a time when the United States didn’t lie to itself and paid puny interest on negligible debt while protecting the middle class in the greatest creation of wealth the world has ever seen. It’s not hard to do and it’s outrageous our generation can’t responsibly spend for the future.

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