Saturday :: Feb 4, 2006

Truly Pathetic, In-Need-of-Medication Behavior

by paradox

The suffering American populace has endured a distressing amount of bullshit flung its way from the Bush administration in the last five years: tax cuts increase revenue, the president can always break the law when he feels like it, wage war to preserve peace, Bush choked on a pretzel. But after last week it simply must be said that the fantasy of “governing” by Bush came to a complete bust, please, who but only the corporate media could take this seriously?

A Texas oilman who stuffed his cabinet with former oil executives proclaiming our “addiction” to oil in the State of the Union and his intentions to fix it, now that was rich. Of course not 48 hours passed before official administration mouthpieces said Bush really didn’t mean it.

Come again? We’re supposed to sit here and believe everything is normal and all right with the world when it was just empirically demonstrated the President of the United States doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about in his own State of the Union Address?

The chattering beltway class really thinks we’re supposed to take this in as ordinary, acceptable behavior. Real people who have real jobs, real relationships and real commitments in this life know they could never, ever get away with it and that we have true neurotic-too-close-to-psychotic behavior not only from Bush, but the entire administration as well. Many people must have talked about the concept and speechwriters had to have had the script edited—jesus save us, the whole White House has totally lost it.

Many among us are sure Bush has been medicated for a long time; it certainly explains a lot of disturbing behavior. If it’s indeed true some serious adjustment is called for in Bush’s dosage after last week.

The slavering ratings hyenas who call themselves journalists fool themselves into thinking this is ordinary and try to pass it on to the rest of the world, but no one else was fooled. The cognitive processes of the American Executive Branch are in complete tatters and we will need an extraordinary amount of luck to make it through the next three years with no more major damage.

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