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Toon Wars: Foreign - A Foreword

by pessimist

Pessimist. If you can't even acknowledge the slightly more serious reaction to political cartoons elsewhere in the world at this very hour, then you are being intellectually dishonest.

Toby, I have known for a long time now that you are a simpleton. When you are done doing Guckert, you can commence your interpretive performance of La Monica on me.

The Muslim outrage over the cartoons of Mohammad is a very complex subject as my research has proven. I was in the process of going through the over 40 articles I downloaded to find the pieces that I could use that would best illustrate the situation from as many perspectives as possible.

But of course, that doesn't rate with the wrong-wing.

In the course of this research, and Toby the Snark's snide remark, I remembered a few things that I think will illustrate why the Muslim outrage is not something to which a simple cretin should dictate a response.

Only those who are truly interested in illumination need continue further.

Recall the outrage of Americans at the French, who opposed the US invasion of Iraq and suffered the economic consequences of that decision - one that was shared by Germany, Russia, and China? None of those countries experienced the opprobrium launched at the Gauls by American Fools.

That specific situation mirrors almost exactly that of the Muslims outraged at what they perceive as a blasphemous portrayal of their Prophet. In each case, those who expressed their freedom of speech (the French in opposing the Oil War and the Danes for expressing concerns over Islam and the too-common belief that it condones unconditional violence against 'infidels') suffered tremendous slander and libel. People marched in the streets and wrote letters to the editors and various leaders made public comments disparaging the new hated foe, and advocated the most extreme measures be taken in retribution.

But the attitude that Americans are justified for besmirching the French while the world's Muslims just have to 'understand' doesn't fly on this post.

There is no difference between these two situations. As there was no justification for invading Iraq, Americans were wrong for attacking the French. While I lean toward agreeing with those who express support for the Danes and free speech, I cannot condemn the Muslims for also expressing their equal right to free speech and condemning the publication of those cartoons.

We here on The Left Coaster experience a fair amount of opprobrium ourselves, as any cursory scan of the longer comment threads can attest. Would we not be justifiably outraged at some of the remarks made about us - and by extension, all non-Republican neo-cons? SHOULD we not be outraged?

What if, as too many Americans feel, we were under assault and were unable to fight back? Many American Muslims feel this way.

Since 9/11/01, 1717 incidents of violence, threats, and bias against Muslims in America were reported in the first six month alone. A full report of backlash incidents has been compiled and published by the Council on American Islamic Relations. The full report is available to download from the Council on American-Islamic Relations:American Muslims: One Year After 9/11. A summary of the report can be found by clicking here.

Let's just say, for a moment, that the shoe was on the other foot. Suppose some Muslim newspaper printed some scandalous cartoon depicting Jesus as a bomb-throwing terrorist, or sending Crusaders away from Heaven because they were out of Eternal Rewards for them. Or how about Jesus' driving the money lenders out of the temple (John 2 : 12-22).

That was a pre-meditated action. He went up to the Temple and was appalled at what he found. He then made a whip from cords and drove the merchants and their cattle from the Temple area, and overturned the tables of the money changers.
Suppose instead, Jesus was portrayed as wearing a Che Guevara T while firing an M4 and throwing fragmentation grenades at these free-market international investment counsellors?

Would there not be great and pious outrage from the sanctimonious Televangiban over such an image of the Prince of Peace? Would there not be demands for the punishment of those who created and condoned the distribution of such blasphemy? Don't try to deny that there would. Lots of it. All over TV, radio, and the Corporate-Controlled Press. It happened before.

So cut the crap about this FAUX outrage over my taking the Pentagon Brass to task over their pissant protest over a cartoon when they can't be bothered to take proper care of the troops under their command - as that very cartoon expresses.

After all - like your heerows in the Republican-dominated Congress, you don't know Jack.

I hope to complete my post on this Muslim cartoon outrage as soon as possible. All other projects are on hold until then.

So Perfesser, STFU.

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