Saturday :: Feb 4, 2006

Scooter Libby's Defense Breached

by Mary

Scooter Libby's lawyers say he was too preoccupied with "life and death matters of state" to pay attention to when he learned about Joe Wilson's wife. At least that's the excuse they used when they filed motions to force Patrick Fitzgerald to turn over secret documents that would show the extent of what Libby was working on during June and July 2003. He didn't mean to lie, he just didn't remember who he talked with nor when he might of heard about Valerie Plame when he went before the Grand Jury.

Oh yeah? Wonder why he didn't bother to review his own notes that he turned over to the prosecution when the investigation first started? From Murray Waas's latest we read:

As Libby awaits trial, one of the unresolved mysteries is why Libby insisted in interviews with the FBI and during his grand jury testimony that he learned about Plame's employment from journalists, when investigators already had Libby's own copious notes indicating that he had first learned many of the details of Plame's CIA employment from Cheney and other senior government officials.

How effective will that defense ploy be now that we see a bit more of Fitzgerald's hand?

The disclosure that Cheney and Libby were told of a CIA assessment that the agency considered the Niger allegations to be untrue, and that Tenet requested the assessment as a result of the personal interest of Cheney and Libby, would "demonstrate even further that Niger was a central issue for Libby," said Gillers, and would "make it even harder, although not impossible, to claim a faulty memory."

Sounds like that defense tactic has bit the dust. So what defense will they come up with next?

Remind me never to play chess with Patrick Fitzgerald.

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