Sunday :: Feb 5, 2006

Our Senators are Scared

by paradox

Unless the Democrats win the House this year the next 21 days offer the only real-time window Congress will ever have in examining Bush’s felonious domestic spying program, for the first Senate hearings start tomorrow. Be totally assured it will also be the singular media window the issue is ever given, for the subservient sluts of sycophancy we describe as journalists always ignore a Bush felony.

One would think the base in the blogosphere would hopping with excitement at the coming attack and opportunity to serve, but all is quiet. There are no email blasts from Senate offices, no elected rep teams organized to fling quotes and talking points at the press, no bloggers coordinating fifty possible small tasks directed by the party that would help blatantly expose the criminality of Bush and force him to resign from the shame of it all, never mind coming impeachment. Yet…there’s just nothing, nothing at all.

Make no mistake, Bush and Cheney are more than happy to take this fun little diversion on—why, if the Democrats want to precisely elucidate their many felonies in the matter every day until the November election, nothing would please them more. The administration is positive that not only can this outrageous breach of our constitution be weathered short term, but that it also presents the perfect opportunity to win politically again long term.

God bless America—committing felonies is the surest way to win elections. As incredulous as this amazing scenario may seem to the detached observer it’s 100% true, for Bush and Cheney are totally sure they can frame the felonies and their exposure as Democratic efforts to help terrorism, aid Al Queda and be wussy traitor-like pansies hating America once again.

Our Senators won’t be able to fight back or stop it, and even though they might put on a show for the base and think of some great quotes the matter will completely die and be off both the media and political agenda for 2006 by the end of the month. All of the Senators want it that way and the House will never touch it.

Apparently our Senators never thought it necessary to work as a team. They know the media will gladly help the incredibly vicious and slanderous attacks of the administration, and since they feel alone in their islands it must seem there’s no way out of the trap, so scared and useless they stay.

Don’t believe me? Look at what one of the most brilliant writers of the blogosphere has to say, who just spent a few days trying to help these precise Senators:

“They are approaching it with trepidation and concern about being depicted, yet again, as allies of Al Qaeda -- not just by the boundlessly dishonest and propagandizing Administration, but also by our ‘neutral’ press…”

That’s why Democrats can’t or won’t seem to ever fight—they're incapable, they’re plain scared, have been ever since 9/11.

The last thing I ever wanted to do this morning was rip and bash the leaders of my own party—I’m so sick of that I could literally puke. I’d be far, far happier performing a menial media task at the direction of one of the Senators on tomorrow’s committee, believe me. But I do think it’s extremely important to air the plain truth that our Senators are scared and feel trapped. They won’t behave any differently than the manifestly maddening way of the last fours years until that stops.

The only way to do that is to act like a team in ferociously beating back our filthy journalism propaganda and enlisting and organizing us—the blogosphere—to help in any way we can, which just happens to be one hell of a lot. It doesn’t matter our Senator’s fear is contemptible and irrational and maddening, it’s just a fact to be dealt with.

But until the day comes our Senators organize and ask for help patriots of the left in the screens should fully gird themselves for more humiliating failure, starting tomorrow. Our senators are still scared, still not beating back the media or asking for help, so more failure is what we’ll get. Perhaps the House will come through next year--if we win it this year.

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