Sunday :: Feb 5, 2006

Newsweek: Fitz Knows That Plame Was Covert

by Steve

Spikey Mike Isikoff is reporting in next week's edition of Newsweek that according to the newly unredacted documents supporting Patrick Fitzgerald's indictment of Scooter Libby, he found out from the Agency that Valerie Plame had in fact been on a covert mission in the five years prior to her outing by the White House.

(S)pecial prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald found that Plame had indeed done "covert work overseas" on counterproliferation matters in the past five years, and the CIA "was making specific efforts to conceal" her identity, according to newly released portions of a judge's opinion.

It doesn't yet mean that Scooter or Rove knew her to be a covert agent, but it shoots down once and for all the pathetic defense by the bedwetters that Plame wasn't a covert operative as defined by the Agency.

The only real question is what did Cheney know and when did he forget it when he told Scooter about Plame, and secondarily, where did Rove get his information on Plame? This may not be answered until the Libby trial starts next January, and Cheney is dragged after the midterm elections to testify and fight it. But after looking at the recent back and forth between Fitzgerald and Libby's attorneys, I think we may hear something from Fitz against another suspect before Libby goes on trial.

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