Thursday :: Feb 9, 2006

FREE Low-Priced Speech Zone - Coming Soon To An Internet Near And Dear To You

by pessimist

I need to take a break from editing the Muslim Cartoon psy-op coverage to bring you an important message:

You Are About To Lose Your Affordable Internet Privileges

Without the Internet, much of what we do here at The Left Coaster could not be done - and that message isn't lost on those who seek to control dissent.

Google has plans for the Internet - and they might want you to pay for the privilege, just like AOL and Yahoo are proposing, even though one critic claims that "It is easy to envision how AOL and Yahoo will attempt to use the volume of accounts they serve to control the marketplace." A petitiion is being created to protest these moves because "When large media companies are left to their own devices, the result is always content and services that serve no one but themselves. An open and independent Internet is the antidote to these predatory practices. If big media companies are allowed to limit the fastest services to those who can pay their toll, upstart Web services, consumers, bloggers and new media makers alike all could be cut off from digital revolution."

In addition, the true Father of the Internet - computer scientist Vint Cerf - is attempting to save his baby from the cruel and greedy clutches of the profit-based corporate monopolists, who would - as one legal analyst puts it - "degrade some services by reducing the capacity available to others, making it more difficult for start-up internet companies (**) to find an audience."

** Or lefty political blogs who aren't subsidized by the RNC.

By the way, remember to rescue kittens from a certain demise and pin wings on angels! Scroll A Troll!

The Senate, living down to their unpopular image of being corporate whores, held a hearing dominated by industry execs who lamely "promised that they would never--ever--interfere with the public's ability to access any lawful information on the Internet."

Sure. You ladies have heard that one before, haven't you?

Walter McCormick Jr., president of the United States Telecom Association (USTA), pledged, "We will not block, impair or degrade content, applications or services" that customers want to access. "Our culture, our history, our business has been focused for more than a century on connecting our customers with those they choose." He added that if a phone customer wants to call Sears, "We don't connect them with Macy's."

But you will note that this high-falootin' wireless nobility doesn't promise 'no strings' - AT WHAT SPEED you will be able to connect. You can still be discouraged from connecting to 'unapproved' sites if they (such as we here at The Left Coaster) can't afford to pay the new and improved X-Orbitant rates to open up the electron pipes and let you have your say, at least without charging a toll to enter the Information Superhighway.

THAT is how Bu$hCo is going to impose censorship over the Internet without resorting to breaking any laws. Just like stealing the vote in Florida and Ohio, they are going to let their corporate masters do that dirty chore. They will then just pretend to be as chaste as Caesar's wife as they bemoan the sorry state of those who attempted to ruin a good thing for the Pioneer$ of the Profit Plain$.

Robert Parry over at Consoritum News is attempting to rally progressive money to establish a voice of non-neo-conman-ism, but is there really enough money there to do so? Could it not easily be tied up fighting obtuse and irregular interpretations of the FCC laws by Bu$hCo whore Michael Powell while FAUX and CNN freely dominate the message-ways?

I don't yet know how this dominance of free speech is going to be fought, But fought it must be - or we will cease to be free - and the time grows shorter by the day.

About the only thing left for Bu$hCo to do is put the locks on the muzzles.

That should make the trolls jubilant! But what WILL they do for 'fun' if they are muzzled as well? Do they really think that they won't also be expected to ante up more of 'their money' once they have served their purpose?

The howling may now commence.

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