Monday :: Feb 6, 2006

Mid-Day Update: Bush Cuts Medicare For Iraq

by Steve

While we watch the “Dance Abu, Dance” performance at the Capitol today, there are other things happening.

Iran just told the IAEA to come and get its equipment, which is just another negotiating tactic for a regime that wants its nukes to offset what Israel already has and what we have done next door. Iran isn’t a threat to this country in the near term, but that won’t stop Bush and Rove from using them this fall for their own purposes. The best that the White House can get out of this would be to delay when Iran gets the bomb, because they won’t be able to stop it, since Pakistan has made it easy for them.

A week after Bush got the GOP congress to send him $39 billion in cuts to domestic programs, and after the GOP Senate passed $70 billion in tax cut extensions, Bush sent his budget to Congress today, asking for defense spending increases and nearly $40 billion in cuts to Medicare, food stamps, law enforcement, and other programs. I look forward to seeing vulnerable GOP incumbents campaign on that this fall, especially since the deficit will go up anyway because Bush is undercounting the new money he asked for last week for Iraq and Afghanistan. If the president wants his GOP incumbents in the House and Senate to run on a Iraq vs. Medicare platform, I’m all for it, given the latest revelations that Bush decided to invade no matter what Saddam did, and that his Medicare drug fiasco is now sinking the Social Security Administration.

And along those lines, the Washington Post runs a story today that indicates there will be more competitive races this fall than previously assumed, and Democrats are in striking distance of parity in one or both houses.

Add to that the fact that John Boehner is already backing away from lobbying reform, and you can see how the Democrats can use a variety of issues coupled with a strong pushback on national security to their advantage this fall. Which makes it all the more certain that Iran will be pushed ahead of all other issues by the White House by the late summer.

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