Tuesday :: Feb 7, 2006

Terrorism Will Never Dictate Our Lives

by paradox

Digby, impatient with the perception that Democrats are clueless on how to articulate a national defense policy, has put out the call for at least bloggers to do so.

That’s my answer: terrorists will never dictate our lives. We are not threatened, and fear will never rule our existence.

No nation state can even dream of invading the United States, establish air theatre operations anywhere hostile to us or our allies, and we rule the world’s oceans with total impunity. Americans walk freely and safely on most parts of the globe, we trade on all continents and are trusted friends and allies with over a hundred nations. We are a great, great country that is still flocked to and looked toward for leadership in the world.

Terrorists can hit us in gruesome and horrifying ways that we should always be extremely vigilant in preventing, but even the worst they have tried against so far only took 3,000 of us. We have swiftly recovered from the economic damage of 9/11, and there are 300 million Americans currently standing in the way of anyone daring to change who we are and the Bill of Rights we cherish.

Rest assured that swift, massive retribution awaits any terrorist or individual foolish enough to strike the United States. Should an event occur through our preventive methods and layered defenses very soon the perpetrators of that crime will never be able to try again.

In the meantime we will live and exist as a nation as we always do: proudly, free, a trusted ally and friend to almost all on the planet. Waging holy war endlessly all the time while we crush or freedoms, bleed our Army dry and raid the Treasury is precisely what the terrorists want us to do. It’s time to stop letting terrorist dictate who we are and how we behave, we know better and it’s not hard to understand.

We will follow Murtha’s plan, get the hell out of Iraq, park the divisions right on the border in case of any disastrous trouble and pray for the best. This wasn’t our incredible war crime and this is the best option we have.

Number of airborne divisions is doubled, along with anything the Army and Navy need to get as many troops swiftly overseas as possible: fast ship transport, new air cargo technology, enhanced pre-positioned equipment stores.

The Air Force no longer gets $85 million for one airplane; security of the Unites States is dictated by real threats, not pork for crony aerospace companies.

We will vastly increase our quick strike capability, reduce the horrendous amounts of wasted spending on weapons we don’t need, and retain our enormous capability for any needed future threat. Living in peace, respected and admired on the planet.

Never again we will allow terrorists to draw us into a disastrous “war” that has no end against a people that had done nothing to us. Terrorists will never dictate our lives and our choices.

Our way of life is not threatened. There is no more to fear than there ever was for any of our forefathers in the country, not even close.

We are not threatened. I am not afraid.

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