Tuesday :: Feb 7, 2006

Speaking Truth To Power

by Steve

This is what happens when you step outside of your bubble and away from the carefully screened Stepford crowds, in front of an audience of people who:

•Saw your level of concern for African Americans less than six months ago in New Orleans;

•Saw your commitment to civil and voting rights by disenfranchising them in both of your "victories";

•See what lengths your Department of Justice will go to undo the Voting Rights Act in red states; and

•Have already shown a greater commitment to their fellow man that you will ever do in ten of your pathetic lifetimes.

And while the Washington Post's lead story avoided mentioning Reverend Lowery’s pointed remarks at Bush, for fear of pissing off their White House masters, at least the New York Times noted Lowery’s remarks, and this:

The biggest applause in the service was reserved for former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton, who stood with her husband as each delivered remarks about Mrs. King, whom they called a friend.
Mr. Clinton said that after Dr. King was killed, most people would have forgiven Mrs. King for not wanting to carry on his struggle. But instead, he said, she asked herself, "What am I going to do with the rest of my life?"

The video of Reverend Lowery’s smack down is here, and no, I could not care less if the right wing is pissed off at this today. There are plenty of white Democratic politicians inside the Beltway who could learn a thing or two from Reverend Lowery about holding Republicans accountable for the Southern Strategy, and their ongoing war against African Americans.

But then Joe Lieberman, Bob Byrd, and Joe Biden would have to acquire some guts first….

And no, I don't think Bush is a racist. But the real problem is that he doesn't seem to care if he and his administration look like they are.

Hat tip to ThinkProgress and the AP for the video and photo

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