Wednesday :: Feb 8, 2006

Watch the Mighty Wurlitzer Start

by paradox

President Bush was humiliated at Coretta Scott King’s funeral yesterday by Reverend Lowery and the thunderous applause for the Clintons. What the blogosphere has termed The Mighty Wurlitzer just got cranked up in response, for public, televised put-downs of The Almighty George cannot be countenanced under any circumstances.

The Wurlitzer—talk right radio, backed up by cable TV news and eventually harmonized with network news—will endlessly blather on for the next 48 hours how uncouth, crude, and disrespectful-of-all-that-is-decent those liberals and democrats were yesterday at the funeral; semi-freaks like that surely can’t accurately reflect the All America Love that the US basks in for Bush.

Why the Wurlitzer fixates on patriotic behavior at funerals is a mystery—Bush is routinely booed, protested and caustically written about wherever he goes in any manner of institutional human functions and activities. Logic never, ever mattered to the Wurlitzer anyway, never mind, and this tactic was likely chosen because it’s fun to watch the liberals freak out and froth about it when they’re hurting so bad form their (thank God) now stiff heroes. A twofer.

The Wurlitzer also needs no legitimacy in the source of the media pucsh-back, literally anyone will do to start the conversational meme. All that’s required is a start and somehow any political media tactic, no matter how outrageous or nauseating, is born and carried out over radio, television and eventually gnawed upon by print.

Don Imus had the honors this morning, sometime around 4:00 am Pacific time. Bush got ripped badly on television yesterday and our corporate media will simply try to crudely squash it with disgusting immaturity. In the next eight hours ( it’s 6:05 am now) watch how many other media outlets run with the smear: Democrats can’t behave properly at funerals.

They’ve been very successful at it before, with Wellstone’s funeral. For a peerless review of how that process was viciously carried out by the Wurlitzer, see Al Franken’s eyewitness account.

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