Friday :: Feb 10, 2006

Quick Hits: Gallup At It Again, And Let's Run On National Security

by Steve

Some quick hits this afternoon:

Note how quickly those in the intelligence community dismissed Bush’s stupid “we stopped shoe bombers” announcement of old news yesterday. Besides, Bush had another reason for yesterday’s diversion.

The latest Gallup Poll shows no bump for Bush from his SOTU: his approval rating is still 42%, the same as November. Worse yet: the poll is suspect because it had more Republicans in it than Democrats (33%-30%), which is not supported by any other pollster in the last year. So in reality, Bush’s real approval rating without Gallup’s help is still below 40%.

When your own party says your budget proposals, including your backdoor effort to introduce Social Security private accounts, are DOA, then you are a lame duck.

Maryland Lt. Governor and GOP rising star Michael Steele has already made a stupid mistake with Jewish voters in his efforts to win the Paul Sarbanes U. S. Senate seat this fall.

Cheney says that the NSA spying mess should be an issue front and center in the fall congressional campaign. I agree. Let Democrats argue how inept and ineffective the Bush Administration and bedwetting rubber-stamping congressional Republicans have been in finding Osama, Zarqawi, and al-Zawahiri, and in bringing to trial Al Qaeda members here in this country. Let Democrats like Evan Bayh spend the summer going after the Bush Administration on its failure to show us one damn thing of relevance that has come from this illegal NSA spying program. Let John Murtha take the lead this fall in arguing its time for a pullback in Iraq. And then let Big Time Dick tell us how he functions while his former chief of staff is facing jail time for endangering national security at his direction. Bring it on Dickhead.

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