Saturday :: Feb 11, 2006

Toon Wars: American Radical Christians

by pessimist

America has its share of religious extremists who call for killing non-believers just as Islam does, as I have attempted to illustrate.

Over at Brad Blog, they have posted this evidence that American Christians are living in glass cathedrals:

Ann Coulter Gets Ugly at CPAC...

Ann Coulter, speaking before a standing-room-only crowd, expressed racist views, said she wanted liberal Supreme Court Justices to be killed and explained that she once had a chance to kill President Clinton but thought that would be a career-stopper.

Has she been arrested and thrown in jail like others have for threatening King George? OF COURSE NOT!

But I digress.

Here's the audio of that speech and Q&A [MP3]. A fuller report will follow, complete with photos and interviews.

(Apologies for the quality of the improves a bit as it goes on.)

So much for Christianity is a religion of peace and harmony!

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