Saturday :: Feb 11, 2006

The AP's Flawed Attempts To Make Harry Reid Into A Water Carrier For Abramoff

by Steve

Before our trolls get too worked up by the flawed AP story recently that tried to smear Harry Reid with the Abramoff brush, please read Josh Marshall’s post, and the one by DKos main page author mcjoan, wherein both debunk the AP’s sloppy reporting. Trolls like Bagley are already bringing up this story, and I can’t say I blame them. When you are a partisan, as am I, and see how a scandal can threaten to nuke your plans to maintain control of the House and Senate this year, you will grab at anything that Newsmax, Rush, Drudge, the Washington Times, Fox News, or any of our counterparts on the other side of the blogosphere would say about this poor piece of alleged journalism from the AP.

But there is little if any equivalence here between what Reid and his staff did in providing information about calendaring and the status of Kennedy’s minimum wage bill that went against Abramoff’s interests, Reid’s opposition to what Abramoff wanted by supporting Kennedy’s bill; and what the GOP congressional power structure did at Abramoff’s urging and funding to further his agenda through legislative activity and White House meetings, screw Native Americans through fraud, and use illicit means to fund the GOP's hold on Congress and ongoing shakedown efforts, while enriching Abramoff at the same time.

Nonetheless, the right wing will keep trying though, because misdirection is all they have left to keep people’s attention off the fact that more and more GOP members and perhaps Senators will get rolled out of Capitol Hill this fall in a “culture of corruption” paddy wagon.

But that doesn't excuse the questionable reporting here by the AP's John Solomon. You can write him here, and ask him, as the Agonist's Sean Paul suggests, to do a better job digging out the facts instead of relying it appears on the suspect billing records of lobbyists.

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