Monday :: Feb 13, 2006

Open Thread - Gunning For Scooter Edition

by Steve

(Thanks to Bob Cesca over at the HuffPost for the great picture and laugh.)

While other stories get more attention lately, these say just as much about how this country has gone astray under Skippy and Shooter:

We have fallen pretty far when the UN is lecturing us on our human rights violations, and calling for the closure of Guantanamo. On a related note, late last week as we mentioned a high-ranking CIA intelligence officer with expertise in counter-terrorism left the Agency. The initial word was that he resigned, but it now turns out that he was fired. Why? Because he could not support the Administration’s rendition and torture practices. The White House and Porter Goss value loyalty and acceptance of war crimes by sycophants over expertise. This makes sense, since these guys don’t need experts when they already have made their minds up about Iran and Syria, no matter how much such attacks would hurt our troops. And as for that overrated legal mind that penned some of those reprehensible legal opinions justifying power for the executive to do what it wants? He is nothing but a hypocrite who thought just the opposite when a Democrat was in office.

But at least there is key GOP support for Patrick Fitzgerald to look into Dick Cheney’s role in Scooter’s leaking of classified information. And Bush’s arrogance with the Senate Judiciary Committee will cost him this week when the committee votes for greater oversight of the NSA spying program.

OK, it's your turn to get the week off to a good start.

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