Monday :: Feb 13, 2006

Why Do GOPpers Hate America?

by pessimist

Considering some of the crap masquerading as 'intelligent discourse' in our comment threads yesterday, I found this excellent article very telling. I excerpt the most pertinent parts on that basis, but you really should read the whole thing to get the entire - and very accurate - picture.

Do Bush supporters hate their country?

Sometimes the people who still fervently support George W. Bush seem just plain stupid, and other times it seems they must be dishonest and even malevolent, harboring a hatred for their country that allows them to support misguided ideas and private agendas over the public good. In more reasonable moods, I want to believe that the Bush supporters are just like me in simply wanting what is best for the country safety, security, fairness and a commitment to a government that observes the principles upon which our nation was founded.

It's hard to keep that thought, though, when the lies keep piling up higher and deeper, and when so much of the energy of Bush supporters goes into evading reality. These people grow more tiresome as they have less and less with which to argue. Their recourse, it seems, is to tag people they disagree with by calling them "leftists" and "liberals," as if those words cancel out all arguments.

But to people who are either stupid or malevolent, hatred of those they would label as "liberals" trumps love of country every time and blinds them to the harm being done to our security, our heritage and our well-being.

Bush and Co. have sullied the image of America all over the globe, drawing a portrait of a nation that behaves with arrogance, defies world opinion, ignores planetary environmental concerns, and treats other nations with disdain.

That's one of the reasons it's difficult not to think some of these Bush supporters are just willfully stupid.

That should cause our wrong-wing wregulars a wrenching feeling in their widdle worlds.

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