Tuesday :: Feb 14, 2006

McClellan Didn't Tell Press Corps About Heart Attack, But Still Joked Anyway

by Steve

"I think Cheney is starting to lose it. After he shot the guy he screamed, `Anyone else want to call domestic wiretapping illegal?!'"
--Jay Leno, last night.

A couple of updates on the Shooter story:

Jane notes that there may be a reason why Cheney let the ranch owner take the lead in spinning the “everything was done correctly; he was only peppered” mantra. A recent ranch shooting in Texas of a Hispanic immigrant led to a $20 million damage award against the ranch owner for the death of the man. And guess what: Armstrong now admits there was some drinking going on, which may explain why the Secret Service didn’t let the local sheriff interview Cheney the day of the shooting.

Scotty McClellan knew about Whittington’s heart attack when he conducted the press briefing today, but after getting the snot beat out of him yesterday on the matter, McClellan didn’t divulge the heart attack to the media today at the briefing for obvious reasons. But that didn’t stop McClellan from making light of the shooting, even after hearing that the man suffered a heart attack.

I gotta tell you; a man who gets five deferments to avoid Vietnam, gets his wife pregnant because he can't get a sixth, makes business deals with this country's enemies, sends other folks' kids so easily into harm's way, and get's his jollies shooting small birds is a sick piece of shit.

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