Wednesday :: Feb 15, 2006

Shotgun-gate: Can you say liarrrrrr?

by eriposte

Jane and RedHedd continue to do great job trying to get to the bottom of Shotgun-gate. But this morning's must-read post on this is BarbinMD's diary at Daily Kos. Why?

Well, um, it appears that the only "witness" to the incident who has been (politely but assertively) trashing the victim relentlessly to serve her political master may have not been quite the "witness" she claims to have been.

As Barbin MD carefully chronicles, the sole witness listed in the incident report - Katharine Armstrong - has been making s*** up. For instance:

- Armstrong has been relaying the incident as if she was in close proximity to the shooter and the victim, except she has now stated that she was sitting in a vehicle about 100 yards away at the time
- Armstrong claimed the victim was "bruised more than bloodied" at a time when he (Whittington) was bleeding profusely according to other eyewitness testimony

(Of course, we shouldn't forget the MSNBC scrub of her comments on beer).

But the piece-de-resistance? Something that Emptywheel caught from the same scrubbed MSNBC story:

Armstrong said she saw Cheney's security detail running toward the scene. "The first thing that crossed my mind was he had a heart problem," she told The Associated Press.

Isn't that just dandy? The key "witness" to Cheney shooting a fellow hunter in the face and chest says her very first thought upon seeing Cheney's security detail running towards the scene was that Dick "five deferments" Cheney might have had a heart problem. But, but, Ms. Armstrong, I somehow have this impression that your first thought probably was "how did Whittington plant his face and chest right in front of Cheney's shotgun just as Cheney was firing?" Is that not the case? (Do read BarbinMD's diary at Daily Kos for more.)

As it turns out, Atrios has another update from this article:

Asked if Whittington agreed with accounts by others that the accident was Whittington's fault, Puckett said her father "hasn't said anything like that."
Nothing to see here obviously. In the meantime, take a moment to laugh at Instapundit's definition of "ignoring Coulter".
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