Thursday :: Feb 16, 2006

For the Record

by paradox

Apparently having a set of keys to The Left Coaster slots me as a “radical,” a leftist, a subversive, dangerous unruly liberal: views like mine result in electoral defeat, far too out of the “mainstream.”

Just for the record, I am a conformist, ordinary, totally unremarkable plain American. I have a military haircut, I wear cross trainers, jeans and regular black leather jacket every day. I’ve been married for ten years, I’m a father with a job. I drop off my daughter, go to work, come home. Drop off my daughter, go to work, come home. On the weekends I work around the house, I’m an absurd homebody, it’s a total event to go out to dinner.

I say sir and ma’am and hold doors for women. I already filed my 2005 taxes. If you met me in a supermarket I’d register as a total nothing, just another American guy, I could care less what you want to do with your life as long as you leave me out of it.

I don’t like people telling me what to do or think, and I don’t keep my mouth shut about it. Just like the Founders. If that’s radical dangerous subversive leftist liberal to some, well, it’s a free country.

One more thing, again for the record: if there are any Democratic “consultants” to our elected DC Democrats or even the elected officials themselves reading this, please know how searingly painful it is to witness Democratic capitulation to Bush on the NSA spying scandal.

After reading Digby and Greenwald yesterday sleep was elusive—again—and I’ve been up since 0330 reading and worrying. I want our elected leaders to know that for people like Digby, Steve and I there is no other place to go but our party. To leave or condemn too sharply does not help, so great anguish over party leadership behavior is accepted, shouldered and made the best of. Please see the post below.

Year after year after year, defeat after defeat, the party liberal base still puts up, shows up and votes for you. Then Harman and Daschle put on that little show last Sunday. For the record I hope you understand how incredibly painful it is, and how totally un-fucking-deserving you are to be honored with the loyalty of men like Steve Soto. You sons of bitches, it hurts like hell.

For the record. It may be inappropriate or immature or poorly written, I don’t give a shit, I had to say it. It’s 0532 now and very thankfully I get to log into work—I don’t have to think about politics for another 12 hours.

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