Thursday :: Feb 16, 2006

Pat Roberts Ready To Sweep NSA Mess Under The Rug

by Steve

It looks like Pat Roberts and Mike DeWine are about to cut a deal with the White House allowing Bush's NSA spying program to be swept under the rug and avoid a full congressional inquiry, in exchange for more meaningless briefings for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

This came after the Department of Justice said that calling John Ashcroft and James Comey as witnesses to Arlen Specter's Judiciary Committee hearings would be futile, since the administration would not allow them to testify on their concerns about the spying. Roberts is once again covering for the White House on another black eye, and all but admits that he doesn't want this issue coming up in an election year, just like he doesn't want the Phase Two inquiry into the White House's use of pre-war Iraq WMD intelligence to ever take place.

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