Friday :: Feb 17, 2006

King-George-gate: It's going to be a long fight

by eriposte

Glenn Greenwald has a post that is a must-read, which explains why it is stupid to lose hope and stop fighting against the Bush administration's repeated attempts, using their Congressional GOP co-conspirators, to cover-up their illegal spying. Just read it.

Then, consider this (via Raw Story):

Scott Tooley, a Republican, and former Congressional aide and law school graduate, educated at renowned Christian universities, has filed suit against the President, Vice President and relevant federal agencies for their illegal surveillance programs.

According to the complaint, the Bush-Cheney Administration initiated numerous illegal and perpetual surveillance methods on Mr. Tooley and his family after he was incorrectly placed on the TSA's "selectee" or watch list.

Mr. Tooley's case is unique because the suit alleges the Bush Administration has used additional illegal surveillance methods on him in addition to the illegal wiretapping. Mr. Tooley is also the first Republican to file suit with regard to the Bush Administration's surveillance programs.

The suit alleges that RFID tags "that monitor their vehicle movements" were placed on his wife's car.

Prior to filing suit, Mr. Tooley says he asked federal agencies for the removal of his name from the TSA's watch list and any documents relating to the matter. He says he was stonewalled and told that the agencies could neither confirm nor deny that his name was placed on multiple watch lists.

The complaint was filed today in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Friday, February 17, 2006. Mr. Tooley is represented by Larry Klayman, former Chairman of Judicial Watch and former U.S. Senate candidate from Florida. Mr. Klayman is now in private practice in Miami and Washington, D.C.

It is heartening to see that there are a few patriotic Republicans left in the United States. And as much as I disagree with George Will on many fronts, at least he shows in this instance that his allegiance is to the U.S. and to its Constitution, not to a crime-loving cult-leader who also happens to be the worst President in modern American history.

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