Saturday :: Feb 18, 2006

All Bets are Off

by paradox

One of the searing pains of 9/11 was the utter rejection of accepted normality—what foul creatures would strike at their enemies by committing suicide, killing only innocents? In the aftermath of horror and manifest righteous anger, how many rules and tenets of decency would we adhere to, now that all the rules had been broken to hit us?

A Nation Pissed Off! (my next-door neighbor had that bumper sticker) demanded swift massive retribution with everything we had and could do. We’ll show them what happens when you mess with the superpower. If 9/11 is what they want, fine, then all bets are off, and swift death from the American military machine, by whatever contrived means necessary, awaits whoever gets in the way.

Thomas Friedman, that…that individual of horrible thinking, said he liked the idea of being lawless, of being “crazy” in a good way; fear of any kind of deadly retribution, adhering to no rule, was and is an excellent deterrent to those considering attacking us. That idiot never seemed to consider the fact the ploy might not work: breaking every rule could make one feared, despised, and yet still under attack.

One should never underestimate the underlying theft of Election 2000 on 21st century American lawlessness. Bush was empirically shown that the law meant nothing when it came to him with Bush vs. Gore, so it’s completely unsurprising he had no compunction breaking any law going forward.

Here we are five years later in 2006 and the All Bets are Off results are in:

  • The United States is an international pariah as the grossly illegal war in Iraq, coupled with institutional war crimes at Falluja and Abu Ghraib (fresh horror photographs were endlessly broadcast—except here—to the world last week), marks one of the worst stains of ethics, decency, and incompetence in our history.
  • In defending the President’s blatantly felonious domestic spying program utter charlatans to America proclaim that Bush has the right to break or obviate any law he sees fit. Congress means nothing, “war” means any rationalization they need to forget about the constitution.
  • Sprinkled over these two vast flaming pits of horrifying human behavior are hundreds of un-enforced laws Bush and Cheney despise or hurt their crony friends. Environment, labor, civil rights, all have been totally ignored this century.
  • Twisted denial wrings the populace; political opponents like Dean, Clinton and liberals are branded as “angry,” while the corrosive anger over 9/11 and wrenching social change are accepted without question.
  • Sy Hersch proclaims the Democracy “unrecognizable.” Liberals shout that they want their country back, but with crooked voting machines it may not be possible to get it back. Democrats are wedged over the war, Republicans wedged over domestic spying, while only the rich celebrate the century.

If the United States wants to survive as a country—$450 billion mistakes like Iraq and obviating the rule of law will take anyone down—Bush, Cheney and the Republicans have to be stopped in 2006 by Democrats taking Congress. Our elected Democrats have a unique, historical duty to save the country or be forever, irrevocably known as the clueless clowns who stood there and let it happen.

Elected federal, state, and county Democrats, their staffs and consultants, know this: when the god-awful bills come due for Bush’s felonies history will give equal weight in their occurrence to both the Republicans and Democrats, the berserk felons and their sick enablers. I will be a very loud active participant in that process.

History could write that after five years the Democrats woke up, saved the country and retook Congress this year. If y’all want to proclaim a cohesive strategy, form a media attack team and ask for help from the blogosphere I am so with you, comprades. I will write and donate and protest, register voters, talk to everyone I can. I won’t give up my job and my life, no, but I will do everything I possibly can.

Nothing can be done about what Bush and Cheney attempt, but we as a party can easily stop them. That’s why I’m so hard on our own people, it’s totally within our power to have a strategy, a media attack team and task requests for the blogs. All bets are off, Democratic Party, so get brave and unified. The vast consequences hinging on your behavior this year will forever be known and recorded.

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