Sunday :: Feb 19, 2006

Update for New Commenting Policy

by Mary

We've had some teething pains with the new TypeKey registration. One problem is that it is taking much longer than I expected for people to get signed up with TypeKey if they don't already have an account. This has caused lots of comments to get delayed in posting today as I was unable to attend to the comments coming in while occupied with other duties. Therefore, I'm turning the Comment Moderation feature off until later this week so that everyone who plans to comment regularly can get signed up for a TypeKey account. Please do sign up now so you can easily comment when we turn this feature back on. (You can also get signed up or logged in when you are in the comment window.)

The other annoyance is that the popup windows don't want to behave correctly when a comment is actually submitted successfully. Instead of refreshing the comment thread, the main entry's page is loaded into the comment window. I'm going to need to work further on that to come up with a solution. I believe this is a bug in MT with comments loaded into a separate comment window, as they no longer recommend viewing comments in a popup window. (Most MT installations have comments appended to the main entry, and not loaded into a separate window.) Until I get a fix for the bug, you will need to reclick the main entry page Comments link to load the comments into the comment popup window.

For those of you who do not have active TypeKey accounts, as soon as you have gotten your account, please enter a comment while signed in so it can get approved and you'll be a fully registered commenter. This will make it easier when we do turn on Comment Moderation for good.

As always, your comments and feedback are welcome.

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