Sunday :: Feb 19, 2006

Who Decided To Keep Media In Dark About Shooter's Problem?

by Steve

Guess who was responsible for spiking an early statement from Cheney that would have defused some of Shooter’s self-inflicted political wounds, and those of his boss last week?

Mary Matalin. And why did she spike a statement from the Vice President Sunday morning? Because she couldn’t get enough information from Cheney to be able to spin the message the way she wanted. Instead, she scrapped the early statement, and then supported the ridiculous notion that the ranch owner handle Shooter’s media responsibilities, thereby hanging Bush out to dry for several days until, as Time says tonight, he asked Cheney to defuse the mess. But her inability to get enough from Cheney didn't stop her from putting out the meme the next day that it wasn't Cheney's fault.

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