Tuesday :: Feb 21, 2006

Desert Showers Bring Wildflowers

by pessimist

In case anyone didn't notice, I've not been posting the last several days. Mrs. P and I went to Death Valley for the waters - those that fall from the sky. We were lucky enough to again experience that rare and wonderful event, however brief, and also found that some of the wildflowers that manage to survive some of the harshest conditions on Earth had bloomed in response.

It didn't occur to me until I was crawling back on I-15 to my part of the Inland Empire that I had experienced something very profound in that experience.

And just what profundity could exist in witnessing the blooming of a desert perennial?

`~*~` Hope. `~*~`

I had deliberately stayed away from the news while I was roaming Death Valley in order to take a break from the coverage of that un-American evil known as Bu$hCo, and from the way I re-entered the world news, I must have needed it.

But being away from the latest GOP outrages didn't mean that Bu$hCo rested on their laurels! They did anything but! With a sigh, I again picked up the cudgels and headed back toward the political blog arena to do my part to return America to a functioning democratic republic.

It was in the process of hearing the news while in traffic that the image began to form, but it took looking into the real stories that hide under those that are pushed on us to keep us distracted that the focus became clear.

I know - I've teased you long enough! Get on with it already!

No matter how bad things get under Bu$hCo - and they get worse every day - there is no way (short of nuclear holocaust) that they can kill hope. It may hide beneath the desicated ash of a once-democratic nation, but with the proper nourishing, it will spring forth with renewed vigor, bright and healthy, as if it was there all the time.

The trick is to be there when that day dawns.

It may well now be time, considering the repeated disappointments progressives have suffered over the last several years, to adopt the belief in eventual hope that the Hebrew and African slaves held so dear, knowing that someday some of their descendants would regain the freedom denied to their ancestors and rise above the oppressors.

It may not take hundreds of years for that to occur this time, but it might well cost hundreds of millions of lives to end the insanity known as Bu$hCo. And then, maybe, reason will bloom like a desert wildflower after a rain shower, and mankind will finally abandon the horror of war.

At least I can hope so. It's all I really wanted for my latest natal day.

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