Tuesday :: Feb 21, 2006

Diebold crawls from its hole seeking mate

by Duckman GR

Ya'll been scared about Diebold for years, well, here's your chance to do something about it. Via this Saturday post, via The Brad Blog, here's a Black Box Voting post with action alert. Says Jim March

Conclusions: We’re seeing a horrifying pattern of obfuscation and illegality wrapped together and supporting each other. We have reason to think that the California Rules and Elections committees acting together can shed light on this series of backroom dealings and we're asking YOUR help in making it happen.

Any one of these items viewed individually would be bad news.

Together? Well folks, WE better hang together on this. If democracy as a transparent and lawful concept cannot be restored in California, the rest of the nation will go with it and our Republic is doomed.

This ain’t a drill folks. Grab a phone, start dialing. Polite, professional, short clear message, FIRM is what works.

Links to State Senators on the committee that can take action on this are in the above BBV article. So call and e-mail please, and be professional. These are Democrats, not republicans, just in need of input.

As I mentioned last year to the State Party, the CA Dems failed, for whatever reason, I believe I suggested ever so politely stupidity and spinal inconsistency as one, in preventing The Groper from appointing a Republican to replace the Democratic elected Sec of State, Kevin Shelley, when he resgined from office in disgrace. At the time McPherson was "widely praised [by] both sides as a good government Republican."

Here again is the lesson to be learned. You can't trust a republican. They don't want government, they want power. When the former leads to the latter, then they're all for it. When it doesn't, they're against it. When it matters most they will, in rover's words, "Cheney you like you've never been Cheneyed. We'll Cheney you til it hurts, til you cry and start spitting up blood." Or something to that effect.

There's just no upside to working with these people, at least until they pay penance for their crimes and sins and moral abstinance. So just remember that as the press reports that frist and hastert are doing something about the terrorism issue de jour, Port Management.

Lastly, here's CA State Senator Debra Bowen's http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/2/21/164416/289 over at the mothership. She's leading the charge, and hopefully she will be the next Secretary of State come November, if it isn't too late, if you call today or tommorrow.

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