Wednesday :: Feb 22, 2006

What The Dubai Deal Is Really About: The Next War

by Steve

Well, Digby and Jane put their fingers on the reason why Bush wants the DWP deal to go through so quickly and without static: Iran.

So that is the grand trade-off; a Middle Eastern country whose royal family has ties to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, and whose financial system was a conduit for Al Qaeda financing, which still recognizes the Taliban as the government of Afghanistan, and which doesn't recognize Israel, gets to take over several of our most important ports because they timed this just right to play into the desires of our unbalanced Vice President and his hapless boss to launch their next war?

Sounds like the Bush foreign policy to me. And none of this, or even 9/11 for that matter, would have ever happened if the man who got the most votes in 2000 was sitting in that chair now.

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