Wednesday :: Feb 22, 2006

Democrats Need a Media Attack Team

by paradox

I have been a hurt funk for the past three days with no plans to post today, but I was encouraged by Rep. Louise Slaughter to go ahead, so here I am.

Sunday was a very, very bad day, for Mary Matalin appeared on Meet the Press and spewed forth the most brazen lies I have seen in years, quite a feat with the bunch currently in power. I rarely watch television journalism, but I saw it all erupt on the net within hours, at least ten blogging posts and of course The Goddess putting up the ringer on the disgusting episode.

There is no doubt on any conceivable level that Matalin lied—grossly, childishly, insultingly—while representing the Vice President of the United States. What happened? Nothing, of course.

Lying is still a very big deal in this country (I can’t believe I find it necessary to write the words, it’s really depressing). Lie to your spouse or your employer and one is in a world of hurt—lie to a cop or Congress and it’s a felony. It was only seven years ago that lying about sex impeached the President.

Yet any Republican can go on NBC and lie their heads off in the most outrageous manner while Russert calmly enable them. It’s happened so many times the lying gets more outrageous by the year, and we’re so used to it only the blogs react with outrage anymore—far as I know, not one “journalist” wrote about it.

It’s manifestly disgusting, dangerous behavior that should have got her fired that very day, but Republicans, “journalists” and Democrats said and did nothing. That has to change—the Matalin Episode starkly defines the need for elected Democrats to form a Media Attack Team.

My Blogfather—slotted for heaven a long time ago--always wanted a Truth Squad, but I like Media Attack Team better. It identifies the culprits explicitly: the media enabling horrible lying. It uses a great verb the Democrats so need to be associated with again: attack. It describes something I have seen very, very little of from our caucus: teamwork.

The Media Attack Team could be five Senators and five Representatives, or three’n three, it doesn’t matter, as long both Houses are on the team. At least twice a week 2 members are holding biting, incisive press conferences that generate great quotes. Press releases spew out while their staffs hector the press and television “journalists” with the specific agenda set that week by the team.

The best part is that the Attack Team agenda is closely interlinked with the blogosphere, where attacking the horrible “journalists” in our country has become a necessary cottage industy. Media Matters, Crooks’n Liars, Presstitutes, Daily Howler, Pundit Watch, MakeThemAccountable (there’s many, many more), all of them would be thrilled (even Somersby) to help out in any small way. The point is that Reps looking at this idea need to know there’s already a big standing army with significant resources slavering to help. A very smart, fast, experienced, pissed off standing army, you know?

On days like Sunday when the nation is so horribly lied to while NBC and Russert enable felons I’m sure the country isn’t going to make it to 2100. It seems like ludicrous hyperbole to many but I am totally serious. Even now the Treasury is horribly looted, the planet warms by the day, we are despised and spit upon across the globe for being warmongering liars, the trade deficit is monstrous, and our investments to education and industrial production are a screaming disgrace. We cannot go on like this.

If we can’t even respect the truth trying to get out of this incredible mess we are totally doomed. Before anything can happen the truth must be revered again, and as we’ve seen the American “journalism” corps could care less.

I want Barney Frank on the first team. I’ve always admired him and thought he had excellent aggressive verbal skills. Most of all it proudly puts forth a gay man to take on our media chumps: that’s right, one of the best we’ve got is gay. In your face, lying bitches.

Not employing a Media Attack Team will get the Democrats precisely the same result as the last three elections: heartbreaking losses that imperil us all. This cannot continue or our kids won’t have a country. We have to force our frames, principles and ideas into the media, and that requires a Democratic Media Attack Team.

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