Wednesday :: Feb 22, 2006

Bush Administration Had Secret Deal With Dubai Ports World

by Steve

AOL Online Poll
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1. Which way is Bush headed?
Down - He's a lame duck: 77%
Up: 23%

2. What rating would you give him overall?
Poor: 67%
Fair: 11%
Good: 12%
Excellent: 10%

Total Responses: 166,654

This is what kind of day Bush had today.

Tom DeLay blasted him on the Dubai port deal.

Bill O’Reilly said we need to cut and run from Iraq as soon as possible.

Even though Bush is telling the world that they have great confidence in Dubai Ports World, his administration required the company to say in writing that they would fully comply with any future US investigations, but allowed the company to avoid maintaining records in the United States so that they would be shielded from oversight here.

Bush was told by his own party members in Congress today to basically go to hell over the Dubai deal, and they even went so far as to say that his veto will be overridden. Read Sue Myrick’s message to Bush.

Michael Hirsh of Newsweek today points out how badly Bush has botched the war on terror.

After getting the back of Hosni Mubarak’s hand yesterday when she suggested that Egypt side with Bush on Hamas, Condi got the same response today in front of the media by Bush’s hand-holding friends the Saudis. After this trip, what respect does Condi have left in the region?

A new poll by AP/Ipsos shows that confidence in the Bush Administration to deal with Katrina’s aftermath has fallen, especially amongst Republicans. Respondents want more money spent on Katrina reconstruction instead of Iraq. In response, the Bush Administration will roll out its recommendation that Rummy be put in charge of domestic disaster response, which has its own set of troubling issues.

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