Thursday :: Feb 23, 2006

Quick Hits - Carl Levin Nails Administration, And Snow AWOL On Deal

by Steve

How important is national security to this administration when the f*cking Treasury Secretary, who chairs the committee on foreign investment, didn't even handle the approval of this transaction? He left something of this magnitude to his staff. Fire John Snow now.

Carl Levin went on the attack today against the Bush Administration at John Warner’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the Dubai ports deal. After Treasury officials said that all security concerns about the UAE were looked into and resolved, Levin specifically asked the administration officials if any of them consulted with the 9/11 Commission on the UAE’s record of supporting Al Qaeda and the Taliban. The answer? No, they didn’t consult with the 9/11 Commission at all about Dubai and Al Qaeda. Note that Warner is allowing a thorough examination on this issue.

A new poll on the generic ballot question for Diageo/Hotline, taken through Sunday just as the Dubai port issue was bubbling, now shows Democrats with a 15-point advantage over Republicans in respondents’ ballot preference this fall. That is up from 7 points just last month.

American Research Group’s new poll out yesterday says that although households feel a little better about their financial situation than they did in January, Bush’s job approval rating amongst registered voters is still stuck below 40%.

At least 111 have been killed in two days of violence in Iraq since yesterday. And another 7 American troops have been killed.

And how good is the Bush economy? Well, it is so good that the average family income in 2004 fell 2.3% from the 2001 figure. That's how good the Bush economy has been for American families. Don't believe me? Check the Federal Reserve. And how much have costs gone up in that period?

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