Friday :: Feb 24, 2006

Diebolding California

by pessimist

I know that Dubai and the Ports (a good rock band name if ever I heard one!) are the big topic right now, but I'd like to point out that there are other issues still facing the country that need attention if we are going to save it from corporate tyranny.

Back in the fall, just before Arnold Schwarzenegger's expensive and ill-considered Special Election designed to turn California inside-out flopped, The LA Times published an article by some GOP-paid 'journalist' to plant the following ideas (greatly abridged here) in the minds of California voters:

The secret force behind the propositions
Using Schwarzenegger's initiatives, some of the country's leading conservative minds hope to paint California red in 2008.

Some of the nation's leading conservative thinkers and strategists are seeking, through Schwarzenegger's initiatives, to alter the balance of power between the right and left wings of California politics. Their hope is to turn California red in '08 and pioneer a new gospel that can spread across the country.

Most California voters are socially progressive and Democrats — and they are not enthused about Schwarzenegger or his ballot measures. The governor is counting on them to stay home on Nov. 8, while motivated conservatives go to the polls.

If that happens, Norquist, DeLay and Reed will have the last laugh.

None of these three are laughing right now.

DeLay and Reed are facing serious legal troubles, and Norquist has turned on Bu$hCo.

But what of Arnold, the Rich White Man's Great Hope?

Poll: Arnold Loses GOP Support, Overall Popularity Down to 35%
He Has Less Support Than President Bush at 36%

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s abrupt left turn this year has cost him support among California Republicans, while doing little to gain traction with the state’s liberal majority, according to a new poll:

* Schwarzenegger’s approval rating fell to 35 percent among adults in the Public Policy Institute of California poll, down five points from last month…

* Schwarzenegger now gets less support from Republicans in California than President Bush, whose approval rating is at a near record low of 36 percent.

* Just 66 percent of Republicans said Schwarzenegger was doing a good job, while 74 percent said that of Bush. Last month, 72 percent of Republicans thought Schwarzenegger was doing a good job.

* Schwarzenegger’s 35 percent approval rating puts him close to the 33 percent approval rating he had in October, when he was being pummeled by television ads decrying his special election.

Pandering to the left was Maria’s hail-mary pass. It didn’t work. The Terminator is toast.
Governor, please drop out of the race. You can start principal photography on T4 in January. It’s a win-win-win for you and the state and fans of your movies, if you have any left.

Until the election coming this fall is completed, nothing is a done deal. There are real fears that, with California's sudden 'conditional certification' of Diebold voting machines, "the "shock-the-vote" gang is ready to roll into the Golden State with their patented blend of dishonest spin, old-fashioned dirty tricks - and easy-to-rig voting machines that are being manufactured by Republicans and purchased by other Republicans" and which will impose yet another 'term-in-08 for Arnold' on California.

[Michael Hiltzik of lists the major complaints about the 'conditional' certification of Diebold.]

What I point out here is this. While we progressives won a battle here in California last fall, the war against the demise of the Great American Experiment at the hands of the greedy continues unabated. The GOP are relentless in their blind pursuit of a one party state dominated by business interests - interests who, as so many bloggers are posting this week, are only interested in the quick buck to be made by selling this nation to the highest bidder - no matter the cost to those of us who live here, and who will have to remain here, left behind to deal with the disaster that the perfidy of our elites is imposing upon us. They really would love to have us focus exclusively on Dubai and the port issue while they continue to subvert the American voting system.

But, again, we did win one. We will need to win more.

There have been signs lately that the 'solid' GOP front is weakening and showing cracks. I plan on exposing those cracks, and widening them if I can. Maybe we will get lucky, and find just the right crack to bring down the mighty Goliath that the GOP thinks they represent.

Maybe the GOP (especially the RNC!) should remember that David was not considered a match for Goliath any more that we progressives are considered a match for the GOP and their corporate masters.

Just remember who won that fight.

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