Friday :: Feb 24, 2006

White House Blows Off Congress On Dubai Ports Deal

by Steve

Well, they want this war with Congress, it seems. The White House waited until the Friday afternoon news dump to say forget it, we’re going ahead with the Dubai ports deal no matter what Congress says.

And at the time Stephen “I leaked Plame’s identity” Hadley told Congress to go screw itself,

·John Podhoretz at the National Review Online told the White House to kill the deal;

·9/11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean said the deal should never have been made;

·GOP committee chair Peter King took specific note of Kean’s disapproval;

·Former CIA counter-terrorism operative Michael Scheuer said the deal needs to be killed.

Yet the White House insists on going full speed ahead and forcing a showdown with Congress.

And for entertainment value on a late Friday afternoon, William F. Buckley has thrown in the towel on Bush’s war of choice.

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