Saturday :: Feb 25, 2006

The Cost of Mendacity

by Duckman GR

I started making the rounds of blogs, hitting some I don't visit that often, don't ask, I can only read so much at a time, went to Suburban Guerilla, started reading, got to this article from CBS that just tears at you, and it just reinforces what I scribbled in reply on the donation request form I recently received from Senator Feinstein. Her accompanying letter talked about how we can't name call etc, but must reach out in bi-partisan splendor. And I told her that until the Republicans repudiate the bushies, they can't be trusted because they aren't interested in anything but power, aren't motivated by anything but greed and lust, so don't waste yer breath. (No money was included, she can spend some of her husband's if she wants the job badly enough.)

James Zadroga's diagnosis came way too late, his parents say. In 2003, he underwent a gallium scan — a radioactive procedure that looks for areas of hidden infection in the body. The test revealed black lung disease; a separate test disclosed he had the lungs of an 80-year-old man. Last Friday would have been his 35th birthday.


At home, it was little Tylerann [his 4 year old daughter] who became her father’s caretaker. She helped him with his oxygen and announced when he felt feverish.

"I told him to lie on the couch," Tylerann said. "I gave my daddy his medicine."

Lest we forget, it was that Moderate Republican Whitman

who said it was safe to breath that toxic cloud at ground zero. That enabling nebbish, Christie Todd Whitman, who caved in to bush on numerous occassions, who, if she had contained any integrity, would have resigned from the EPA after about a month working for BushCo. But she didn't, she chose, like Colin Powell with all the war dead on his hands, to enable George W Bush.

We all wonder how they sleep at night. I don't know, I just figure they can afford really comfortable beds. Or booze. As for me, last night I woke up at 3:00am or so, for some reason some crappy things I'd done in High School popped into my head, selfish stupid teenager stuff. Something that happened mmmmphhfffgrmmmble years ago. And that's for adolescent behavior. Christie doesn't look haggard enough for what all she's done.

This article about randy cunningham tries to delve into it, but other than a sad attempt to elicit sympathy for the betrayed trust and loyalty, it really only comes up with a bunch of lame excuses. But please read the article, it's quite a piece of work, replete with Beverly Hills Psychiatrists, War Heros, Falls from Grace, and these two great lines:

“I don't think naval aviation training ever trained anybody to be a crook,” said Jack Ensch.


“That's psychobabble . . . . I just don't buy it for a second,” [Dr. Mark] Kalish said.

Unless you're into self degradation and debasement, there's no point in working with the gop, until they demonstrate remorse, and change their ways. Perhaps after alito votes to overturn Roe, after lieberman gets bounced, and Francine Busby gets elected, will people like Feinstein get on board, taking advantage of an opportunity with which she had precious little responsibility for creating.

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